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Jiddah 2005

Jiddah Tabbed to Host Again

Mogadishu, Hiiraan had been dutifully awarded the 2005 Afro-Euro Summer Games, then she turned her back on the peaceful nature of the games by invading neighboring Kenya. Facing pressures from the internation community Hiiraan withdrew as the host nation. Following exhaustive conferences and with war in Europe and few other nations prepared to host such a venture Jiddah, Djiboutian States was settled upon as the next host of the games. The head of the committee had this to say about the next host and the former host: "We are pleased that Jiddah has stepped forward as she was a more than amicable host in her previous engagement. Also, we hold no ill will toward the government of Hiiraan's position in regards to the games. It was something that they felt they needed to do to protect her people and we respect that. Hiiraani athletes will not be discriminated against and will be free to compete in these games."

Jiddah 2005
Jiddah, Djiboutian States to host the second Afro-Euro Games in light of recent fighting in Hiiraan. Good Luck to all athletes.


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