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The Federation of Djiboutian States
Foreign Embassies
African Heads of State
African Athlete Committee
Jiddah 2005

Football to be tight contest

If qualifying and friendlies are any indication of what we should expect in Jiddah, the fans are in for a treat. Four teams have legitimate hopes at Gold. The Astorians bring a physical style of play that has brought them an unbeaten record heading into Jiddah. The Trelankans play a style all their own, relying on star striker Antikokis Andreas to provide the scoring punch. The Trelankans and Astorians tied in a match that featured 12 yellow cards and 4 red cards. Though no suspensions shall carry into Jiddah. United Faiths, the third of the Gold Medal hopefulls, their finesse style has won them the warmth of the fans, but can it hold up against the physicality of the other nations, they have not faced either of the two afforementioned Gold medal hopefulls. Akhtendum has been a steamroller since failing to qualify for last year's Games losing merely one match, to Astoria, in the past year. They dominated a solid Straylight Run team 7-0 in their final tuneup.

Pool A                                    
Djiboutian States                        
Straylight Run                            
Pool B
Sovetzky Soyez
Green Free State
Pool C                                     
United Faiths
Pool D
Zulu Nation
City States
SW Afrika
New Southern Africa

Held at 5 venues throughout Djiboutian States