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The Federation of Djiboutian States
Leaders of The Federation of Djiboutian States
Foreign Embassies
African Heads of State
African Athlete Committee
Jiddah 2005

Optimus Prime Minister
cannot turn into tractor trailor
Prime Minister, Federation of Djiboutian States

Mrs. Optimus Prime
It's for the money....and transforming body parts
Wife of Optimus Prime Minister


Dubu Jootlinks
6-time all american guy
Advisor to Optimus Prime Minister


Angry Black Man (no offense intended to anyone)
I pity the fo....myself
Military Supervisor

Rubu Jootlinks
Yes my real name is Rubu
Foreign Counsel


Kelly Kapowski
Why must you be a b rate actress?
Secretary of Being Hot

Juan Valdez
Where's my ass?
Secretary of Interior

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